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Dive Hawaii

Scuba diving Hawaii? - Your training is only as good as your instructor - something you don't want to find yourself second guessing at 110 feet.

At Ocean Legends we do more than prepare tourists for resort diving 101 - we train Explorers. From the basics to the extremes, we prepare and guide divers through all levels of certification, underwater exploration, and cutting edge diving techniques - all while actively promoting aquatic environmental awareness and conservation. This is Hawaii scuba diving at its best.

Darren Fox
Founder, Ocean Legends

Recent Dives & Activities

Weekly Night Boat DivesNightDive.jpg

Come join us our weekly boat night dives out of Hawaii Kai, Kewalo Basin and Waianae Boat Harbor and see the ocean come alive at night. ONLY $100, Including nitrox. Contact us for more information on our next night dive! 

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Daily Certified Boat Charters.

Uncertified Discover Scuba Diving experience Program.

                                                                             PADI Open Water Certification Course.  

Questions? Check out our FAQ page or give us a call in the shop today at 808-852-8881.

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Hawaii's Diving Experts on Instagram

Hawaii's Diving Experts on Instagram

Now you can keep up with the Ocean Legends team on Instagram.  Get in on the latest in Hawaii diving deals, tours and fun with Hawaii's scuba diving experts.  Follow us on Instagram @oceanlegends    Had an awesome experience with Ocean Legends? Tag us on Instagram and we may repost your experience. [instagram-feed]... read more

Great Conditions For Wreck Diving!

This morning we had a awesome group of divers!  We had a mix of experience divers, first time wreck divers and even advanced open water students.  I would like to give a big thanks to our Dive Master Brian K for helping out today.  You did a great job Brian.  Now lets talk about the dives.  As we pulled up to the first dive site we all got geared up and waited for the call from the captain that it was safe to get in the water.  Once we all got in the water our group ventured down into the deep blue to find the Sea Tiger ship wreck at about 130 ft.  Conditions were good with no current and 60 foot of visibility.  As we swam around the deck of the wreck (100 ft) we encountered giant green sea turtles, moray eels, frog fish and huge sch... read more

Watch our Rebreather student's amazing close enounter with a Hawaiian sea turtle (Honu)...

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You have a choice when you train.  Get the best: PADI.

PADI Divers carry the most respected and sought after scuba credentials in the world.  No matter where you choose to dive, your PADI scuba certification card will be recognized and accepted. 

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Our comprehensive NAVY Diver program is tailored specifically to meet the demanding technical needs and schedule requirements of all Military personnel...

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Tech & Rebreather Diving

As a 5 Star SDI/TDI Instructor Training Center and IANTD Platinum Technical and Rebreather Training Facility we offer it all.

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Wreck Diving Hawaii

Wreck Diving

Dive Hawaii's incredible wrecks in style with Ocean Legends. Every site, secret...

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